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The Holy Week is the week in which Christianity celebrates the events of faith related to the last days of Jesus, including in particular his passion, death and resurrection.

Throughout the world, Catholics call Holy Week, the period from Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday, before Easter, that is the Sunday when we remember the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the death. The religious rites of the Holy Week, are celebrated with solemnity in all the churches of the Christian world.

The Holy Week of Caltanissetta is a traditional event that has been repeated for centuries during the week before Easter. It will consist of various religious events that are chained to each other, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. The event, which attracts thousands of tourists every year, due to the importance and tradition that brings with itself, is twinned with the most famous Holy Week of Seville, in Spain.

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During the Palm Sunday, takes place the procession of Jesus of Nazareth, that commemorates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. The statue of Christ is located on a boat decorated with many flowers, called "abbarcu". In the evening of the Holy Wednesday, there is the procession of the "varicedde", nineteen groups of statues; sixteen of these are simply smaller reproductions of the "Vare", to which are added three other groups representing scenes of the Passion of Christ. On the Holy Thursday, a solemn mass is celebrated by the bishop in the cathedral. In the evening there is the traditional parade of the "Vare", 16 in all, representing the sacred mysteries of the Passion of Jesus. This is the most important moment of the Holy Week of Caltanissetta, which made it famous throughout the world. For first parades "The Dinner"

that reproduces the famous painting of Leonardo Da Vinci which following: "The Agony in the Garden", "The Taking of Christ", "The Sanhedrin", "The Flagellation", "Ecce Homo", "The Condemnation of Jesus", "The First Drop", "The Simon of Cyrene", "Veronica", "The Crucifixion", "The Descent", "The Pieta", "The Translation", "The Sacred Urn" and "The Sorrows".


On the Holy Friday there is the devotional procession of the ancient black Crucifix, Lord of the city, a statue in ebony, whose origins are uncertain, but it seems that this statue is not the work of a sculptor, but rather a simple devotee , as evidenced by some notable disproportion in the body of Christ.

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