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Zisa Palace - Author Bernhard J. Scheuvens

In Palermo, in the district Olivuzza, there is a Palace that resembles a castle and is called "The Zisa". This Palace was built at the time of the pagans, and kept the treasures of the emperor. At Zisa is a spell due to a great hidden treasure of gold coins. This spell has been made by the Devils because they do not want that the treasure is taken by Christians.

At the entrance of Zisa there are paintings of devils: those who go to watch them on the Feast of the Annunciation (March 25) sees that they move the tail, twist their mouth, and you never stop to count them. Although it is unknown how many coins are and no one has ever been able to take them. But one day, someone will be able to dissolve the spell and the misery of Palermo will end.

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0 #1 mary ann vitale 2013-11-13 06:36
Grazie per questa informazione sulla legenda.L'ho cercato e finalmente l'ho trovata.

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