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Paladino Uzeta

The most important medieval monument of Catania is the mighty Ursino Castle, built by Emperor Frederick II of Svevia from 1239 to 1250, on the same site of a castle dominating the harbor and the bay of Catania, which in Latin was called "castrum sinus", which means "castle of Bay", which derived from the name "Castello Ursino".

To explain the name "Ursino", the popular fantasy has imagined the existence of giants Saracens, called Ursini, who were defeated by the Norman Count Ruggero in the eleventh century, taking possession of their castle on the beach of Catania. Of course, this legend has no historical basis. There is another legend about the giants Ursini, whereby they would be defeated and killed by paladin Uzeta. This paladin with the black armor, although he has been immortalized in one of the artistic chandeliers in bronze of University Square in Catania, is the fruit of imagination of a journalist from early twentieth century, Joseph Malfa, who imagined him son of poor people, became knight for his value. Like in all lovely fairy tales, he kills his enemies, including giants Ursini, and married the daughter of the king.

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