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The legend tells about Nicola (Cola from Messina), the son of a fisherman, known as "Colapesce" for his ability to swim. When he returned from his many dives into the sea, stopping to tell the wonderful views and, sometimes, to bring back treasures.

His fame reached the king of Sicily and Emperor Frederick II, who decided to test him, the king and his court, therefore, went off the coast in a boat in the water and threw a cup that was immediately recovered by Colapesce. Then the king threw his crown in a deeper place and Colapesce was able to find it. The third time the king threw a ring in a more deeper place and, in that occasion, Colaspesce didn't emerge.

According to the legend, falling even deeper, Colapesce saw that Sicily rested on three pillars and one of these was consumed by the fire of volcano Etna, so he decided to remain under water, holding up the column to prevent that the island collapsed. Even today he rules the island.

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