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Aci and Galatea - Author Gabrilu

Galatea is a figure from Greek mythology, one of the fifty sea nymphs, the Nereids, daughters Nereo and Doride, whose habitual residence is in the bottom of the ocean, with his father and whose role is to assist the sailors.

The myth tells that Galatea was in love with Aci, a beautiful youth. One day, the Cyclops Polyphemus in love with the nymph and envious of Aci, tried to draw her with the sound of his flute. Having failed in its intention, discovered the couple of lovers, infuriated, he threw a huge boulder which reached and killed Aci.

As soon as the news reached Galatea, at the sight of his love, she fell down on him starting to cry uninterruptedly. The endless tears of Galatea, awoke compssion of the Gods that wanted to alleviate her torment transforming Aci into a beautiful river that descends from Mount Etna and flows in the stretch of beach where the two lovers used meet up.

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