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In the late 1940s and 1950s as regeneration and rebuilding of the British economy started, a large migration from Italy to Britain began. To cope with the need for labour, the Government of the UK agreed with the Italian Government to adopt a policy for bulk recruitment from Italy where jobs were advertised in towns and villages which suffered unemployment. As a result of this scheme, thousands of men and women arrived to work in coal mines in Lancashire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire, a foundry in Nottingham, the brick industry in Bedford, and cotton mills in Lancashire. The new Italian communities were founded in Bedford, Peterborough and Nottingham.

The pre-war Italian communities in the UK had come mainly from the North and Central Italy, established in Britain through specific professions. The new communities, mostly from the poorer Southern Italian villages were employed in jobs in industry and agriculture in the Midlands and Northern Britain. Through hard work and commitment, the new arrivals, who settled down in Britain, purchased houses and raised their families. Others returned home after fulfilling their intention to save money. As Italy's economy started to pick up, the wave of immigration abroad ceased.


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