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A Sicilian at the "Spring Exhibition" PDF Print E-mail

PALERMO - "Spring Exhibition" in Charlottenborg is one of the most important exhibitions of contemporary art in Northern Europe.
The theme for the 2011, running until April 25, 2011, is related to the reflection on the "global communication of the modern era". The Charlottenborg Fonden, in collaboration with the Kunsthal is the venue of the exhibition of works by artists from around the world, selected by an international jury, composed among others by Kirstine Roepstorff (DK, chair), Thora Dolven Balke (NO) and Johanna Billing (SE)​​, and the curators Rene Block (DE) and Leevi Haapala (FI). Among them, there is the Sicilian Antonio Miccichè selected for Italy, together with Andrea Bianconi. His work GAZA h 11:35 08.15.2008, is a thrill of silence that follows one of the most intense moments in recent history. A clear and limpid image, perfect in its details.

A beach crowded of people. Fiction, fiction, reality shows, reality. Everything is image. Everything looks the same. Instead, sometimes it's worth a stop. To look. The work, which has been exposed in Palermo in 2010 with a solo exhibition of Miccichè called "HappyHours", induces a sense of unease, conducive to reflection. Like other exhibited works that tell the story with chilling and together refined poetry, moments of a segment of time, of the artist and of humanity, of intimate and powerful reflection.



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