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Teacher forced a student to write 100 times "I'm a deficient" PDF Print E-mail

PALERMO - Condemned to one year for punishing a homophobic student, having forced him to write a hundred times in his notebook: "I'm a deficient". The punishment has cost a sentence to one year in prison to Giuseppa Valido, 59, now a retired teacher in Palermo. The imputed, however, will not be in jail due to the suspension of the sentence and for the amnesty.

For the teacher's lawyer, Sergio Visconti: "Justice was not done". My client is deeply offended and saddened. He feels betrayed by the institutions. Contrary view of the pupil's father: "She got what she deserved. She had to pay the bill. After the punishment I had to take my son to the psychologist". The teacher had inflicted the punishment because the boy, along with two peers, had prevented a classmate to join the cabinet of the males saying "you do not go because you are a girl, a gay". Little boy had burst into tears and the teacher decided to punish those responsible. One of the authors had apologized, but not the alleged bully. He was so taken the punishment imposed by the teacher. "A life lesson" for the teacher. "An abuse of the means of correction" for the judges.



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