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Arrivo di clandestini nel mare di LampedusaPANTELLERIA (TP) - Second landing in just a few hours in Pantelleria: the police has intercepted a group of immigrants that were able to land on the island.

Until now there are 11 non-EU blocked during some sweeps, the same number of people who had been detained yesterday. Searches are still ongoing to find other refugees.

A boat with sixteen immigrants was intercepted last night off the coast of Sicily Channel from a patrol boat of the Guardia di Finanza. The immigrants were brought to Pozzallo (RG), and transferred to the center of first identifying where they are under investigation by state police.

In the same building were already transferred 150 immigrants who had landed on the island in recent days. Their identification is performed by investigators from the Police of Ragusa.

Night without landings in Lampedusa. After the arrivals of these recent days - only yesterday more than twenty boats full of Tunisians were landed on the island, for a total of about 1,600 individuals - last night did not record any landing.

A boat, however, was located yesterday, and is heading slowly toward the island. On board, an unknown number of immigrants. The sky today is cloudy and the sea conditions are not as good as in recent days.

There are 2,150 clandestine in the reception center of Lampedusa, reopened yesterday to respond the humanitarian emergency. Said Cono Galipo', responsible for "Lampedusa reception", the cooperative that manages the center. They are almost all immigrants present on the island, except about 150 who are located in various sites of the island and 35 individuals - members of households, with women and children - settled into a hotel.



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