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SIRACUSA - The President of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on Medical Malpractice, Leoluca Orlando, wrote to commissioner for healthcare of Sicily, Massimo Russo, asking a report containing any useful element of knowledge about the death of a young, 21 years old, on January 25.

According to the report received by the Commission, the patient was hospitalized for about two years and a half in the department of psychiatry at the hospital in Syracuse because, due to the crisis to which he was subject, no therapeutic community received him. Following a court order, he was finally detected in a structure prepared to take care of him. The young man was arrived on January 24 but the following afternoon, after a crisis, families were advised that he was brought to the hospital.

When they arrived in the community, would find their beloved in worrying conditions, "thrown to the ground and tied with a cable". The nurse present, after trying unsuccessfully to calm them, noting the absence of blood pressure, was decided to call 118, without specifying, however, that it was a cardiac arrest, so the ambulance came without resuscitation tools and defibrillation. When finally arrived an ambulance properly equipped , the patient was already died.



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