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Child swallows a lightbulb: saved! PDF Print E-mail

PALERMO - A child of 10 months has swallowed a light bulb, which ended in bronchial tubes, and was saved by emergency surgery last night at the hospital "Di Cristina" of Palermo. The baby, yesterday afternoon, while he was with his grandparents in Trapani, has ingested a LED, a light bulb in glass of a centimeter and a half and two layers of metal, contained into a game.

The bulb has reached the respiratory tract, thus endangering the child's life. Doctors performed a bronchoscopy, introducing a tube into the airways and with a special clamp, careful not damage the bronchial wall, they have removed the LED.

"The operation was successfully made - said the surgeon, Antonio Carolina - our little patient yesterday evening, has awakened from generally anesthesia and tomorrow we hope to resign him.



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