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Drugs between Palermo and U.S.A., 4 sentences PDF Print E-mail

PALERMO. The preliminary hearing judge of Palermo, Lorenzo Matassa, imposed more than twenty years of imprisonment to four persons accused of drug traffic that were arrested during the operation "Paisan Blues", that reconstructed the relationships between Palermo and American mafias, conducted last March by the police and the FBI.

For the four defendants, the preliminary hearing judge rejected the mafia aggravating and sentenced Andrea Casamento to 8 years and one month, Leonardo Algiers to 6 years and 6 months, Massimiliano Castellucci to 4 years and 2 months and Claudio Faldetta to 4 years.

The position of Joseph Frusteri, initially included in this process, had been deleted in in recent hearings due to the views expressed by judge Matassa on the fairness of the penalty determined by the parties in the settlement. Another section of the procedure "Paisan Blues" is in progress before the Second Criminal Chamber of the Court while, on January 24, the third strand will begin before the preliminary hearing judge of Palermo Lorenzo Iannelli.



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