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Fracture southeast crater of Etna, intense explosive activity PDF Print E-mail

Etna - Intense explosive activity with emission of incandescent material with intense red glow, visible to dozens of kilometers away, has been running since "pit crater", a deep depression opened on the eastern flank of the cone of the crater of south-east.

The phenomenon is also observed from Catania and Taormina. Experts from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology confirm that there was no emission of lava or ash, but has increased and remains at high values, the tremor of the internal circuit of the volcano.

A sign that in the "guts" of Etna, the system is full of energy and subterranean channels are filled of magma movement. Despite the acceleration in progress, it is still difficult for experts to predict if and when there will be a new effusive phase with the emersion of lava, which seems however very likely.

The signals recorded on the highest active volcano in Europe in recent days, remind to the researchers of the INGV of Catania, the preliminary stages of the eruptions of 2006 and 2007, with the release of flows at high altitudes that were spilled in the desert valley Bove.



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