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Innovative medicine for type 2 diabetes also comes in Sicily PDF Print E-mail

CATANIA - Good news for people affected by diabetes. In Sicily, this disease affects 5.5% of the population, data exceeding the national average. From today is available the new antidiabetic medication "liraglutide. " It is the first analogue of human hormone GLP-1 and marks a breakthrough in the treatment of type 2 diabetes: in fact it provides a single injection per day.

"What differentiates this medicine - has explain prof. Domenico Cucinotta, director of the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Messina - is the innovative mechanism of action that simulates the activity of the natural hormone GLP-1, a hormone produced by the intestine that stimulates the secretion of insulin from the pancreas when we eat, thus preventing the blood glucose levels to increase excessively. By controlling blood glucose levels in in an intelligent way, or rather stimulating insulin secretion only at the request, "liraglutide" significantly reduces, almost eliminate, the risk of hypoglycemia".

Professor Francesco Purello, Director of Internal Medicine at the Garibaldi Hospital in Catania, explained: "The major limitation of oral medications is that they act independently from the patient's blood glucose levels and that means performing their action even if blood glucose of the subject at that time is in normal limits, causing dangerous hypoglycemia".

The medicine in Sicily, as well as in the rest of Italy, is prescribed by specialist centers through a process on-line managed by the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA).



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