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Collision between a train and a bus: six injured PDF Print E-mail

CANICATTI' (AG) - Six people were injured (four slightly bruised) in the collision between a regional train and a bus occurred this afternoon at a level crossing near Canicattì (AG). The bus, by Riggio Tour Company of San Cataldo, which was completely destroyed, had just accompanied to home the students of kindergarten Canicattì which had participated to an excursion. The vehicle was returning in the storage when it is stopped on the tracks. From the initial reconstruction performed by the technicians of the State Railways, level crossing was working regularly with the bars down at the moment of the impact. At the sight of the bus, the train driver has been activated the emergency brake but could not avoid the impact that was extremely violent.

The driver of the bus, Nunzio Felici, 38 years of Butera (CL), said that there was no stop sign and that the bars are down while he was passing, trapping the bus. The driver was able to leave the bus before the impact. However, he was accompanied to the ER in state of shock. In crash were slightly bruised four passengers of the train and the driver, Giovanni Pontelli, 52 years, with bruises all over his body. Most seriously wounded the chief train Mario Salvaggio, 59 years. He was admitted to th hospital Baron Lombardo of Canicattì with numerous fractures. According to the doctos, although they reserved the prognosis, he would not be in danger of dying: he appears alert and conscious. On the convoy, consisting of a locomotive and a carriage, traveled a total of six passengers, some of which are commuter students who were returning home after school.



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