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Street racing of horses in Palermo, 3 complaints PDF Print E-mail

PALERMO. Around six o'clock a.m., carabinieri reported 3 young men, two of them minors, on charges of gambling, cruelty to animals and driving without a license. In Viale Regione Siciliana, towards Trapani, was reported an illegal race between horses with their carriages. When they got there, carabinieri have noticed two carriages led by jockeys, followed and supported by many persons on motorcycles which commit the entire carriageway so as to obstruct the movement.

The three cars of carabinieri have failed, including the general rush to reach and capture one of two carriages, and a young man on the moped. The rider, a 15 years old, and his companion, a 17 years old, were both charged with "gambling" and "cruelty to animals." The young man on board the moped, however, has been charged with "driving without a license." The military have seized the carriage and the horse that has been delivered, in judicial custody, to the father of youth, 17 years old, who claimed to be the owner.

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