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SIRACUSA - It could be ended the nightmare of a serial killer who, between 1997 and 2004 at regular intervals, killed men and women with a 12 gauge shotgun, spreading terror in Cassibile, a town of Syracuse previously known only because here was signed in 1943 the armistice with the Americans shortly after the landing of allied troops. Carabinieri have in fact stopped in the small village, about twenty miles from Syracuse, Giuseppe Reale, 69 years old, who is referred as the "monster of Cassibile", has now been renamed as the murderess.

The last episode that could somehow be connected to the chain of crimes (eight in the last seven years) is dated August 18, 2004: a peddler of fruits and vegetables, Giuseppe Spada, 47 years old, is assassinated in front of the van with its goods in a clearing near the way out of Siracusa-Gela highway. And the weapon used to commit the ambush - a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with buckshot - is the 'red thread' that connects all the murders, though investigators stress that the victim, unlike other crimes, had a criminal record and was in any way suspected of links with organized crime circles and the distribution of drugs. The gun, in fact, may have been chosen by own murderess for detecting the investigation.

The chain of violence linked to the crimes attributed to the serial killer of Cassibile begins May 24, 1997, when with a shot to the flank, is assassinated Gioacchino Franzone, 74 years old. A couple of years ago the investigation of this murder was dismissed as an accident: the man would have been the victim of a "trap" which he himself had built, even if this argument has not convinced all of the investigators. It is not enough: six months ago one of the daughters of the victim, Franzone Aurora, an employee of 48 years, becomes the target of an act of intimidation, some with gunshots fired at the balcony of her home.

Also in 1997, on the evening of Aug. 13, was killed Rosario Basile, 42 years old, business consultant, cold, killed as he dined on the veranda in the house of his parents. Ten months later, May 29, 1998, to get under the gunfire of the mysterious killer is a former security guard, Stefano Arcidicono, 46 years old, murdered in front of his home.

Two years later, April 25, 2000, the serial killer strike back. This time, the victim is Giovanni Ficarra, 68 years old, he, like Basile, had dinner on the veranda with friends and family. On December 21, 2000, also a woman was murdered in front her home, Maria Callari, 29 year old, farmhand. A week before the murder, her car was burned.

On July 31, 2003, an elderly couple, Sebastiano Tinè, 65 years old, and his wife of 58 years, §Giuseppina Spadaro, were killed in an ambush in their manor in Fontane Bianche, on Syracuse coast. Eight missions of death", therefore, made with the same technique and the same weapon, though no apparent connection between the victims.

The "case" of the mysterious murders of Cassibile was also examined by the investigators of Uacv, the police's Unit against violent crime, and by carabinieri of Ris, Department of scientific investigations, which have made a series of ballistics in five guns seized by investigators.
One of these weapons had been seized to a woman, a young farmhand who in March of 2004, had been entered by the public prosecutor of Siracusa under investigation. But also this track would not have been as critical. Investigations, moreover, the public prosecutor of Siracusa has always maintained a strict secrecy, without even confirming the existence of a suspect. A mystery that has gone on for over 13 years, until tonight, when carabinieri have arrested the alleged "monster".



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