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BOLOGNA - The cause of the massacre of Itavia D9 June 27, 1980 that crashed in the sea of Ustica, killing 81 people was putting a bomb in the toilet. Not another plane passing grazing did collapse the airplane, let alone a missile. Carlo Giovanardi, undersecretary of Presidency of Council, has convened a press conference in Bologna, in the Prefecture, to reiterate this.

"That night in the skies of Ustica, Giovanardi said, citing "all the Nato's documentation", there was not an air battle. There are no Planes flying at that hour in the vicinity of DC9. They were at 500 kilometers, or in the area but three hours later".

Aurelio Misiti at his side, who played, from '90 to '94, the study on the fuselage. Misiti said that "for a year, we looked for the missile, but we failed to find evidence." The conclusion was that the cause of the explosion "was a burst at the height of the toilet."

In support of this thesis, for example, he said that the radar-guided missiles explode at 10-30 meters from the objective investing it with shrapnel, while the fuselage recovered (preserved in a museum in Bologna) bears no trace. For Misiti, moreover, tracks have shown that "there is no basis for the assumption 'almost collision': there are no aircraft nearby.

Inevitably ask Giovanardi (which confirmed to speak on behalf of the Government) if it considers the investigation opened in Rome useless, since the assumption of an air battle and that the government has signed the letters rogatory. "French and Americans have answered dozens of times, there are also personal letters of Clinton and Chirac who say "is not our fault". But, he added, " the Minister Frattini, if the court ask him, has the obligation to sign."

But this survey came from statements of the ex President of the Republic Francesco Cossiga, contradicted by Cossiga himself. In the press conference was clearly mentioned the sentence ordered by Judge Rosario Priore. "It is an act that absolve someone and eventually acquitted" - said Giovanardi - "could not be guilty of detecting a battle that was not there."

In the room there were some relatives of victims, including brothers Lachina Montegrotto (Padova) who lost, just children, their parents. "It's a shame, we are tired. Who should I believe in this Italy? To Priore, to you or Cossiga?" asked Elisabetta (one of the brothers) to Giovanardi. "It's easy enough to tarnish the good work of a magistrate ...", said coming out of the museum which houses the remains of the plane.



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