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sarde a beccafico - Author panduh

Ingredients: 500 gr (20 oz) sardines; 50 gr (2 oz) raisins and pine nuts; 150 gr (6 oz) breadcrumbs; 30 gr (1 oz) anchovies; 2 dl (6 fl oz) orange juice; 2dl (6 fl oz) olive oil; 50 gr (2 oz) sugar; a pinch of salt; bay leaves.

Wipe the sardines, boned and rid of the head. Rinse, dry and open them like a book. Put in a pan a bit of oil and the breadcrumbs and let it brown on low heat, stirring constantly, then put it in a bowl. Put the raisins soaked in hot water, chop the parsley and the anchovies. In a bowl combine the tosted breadcrumbs with raisins and pine nuts, sugar, salt, parsley and anchovies. Mix these ingredients well, then lay on each sardine just a little bit of the filling.

Roll the stuffed sardines, in order to get roulades. Arrange the sardines on a baking tray greased with olive oil, placing between one and the other a bay leaf. Sprinkle with a bit of olive oil and orange juice. Finally sprinkle with breadcrumbs and place in hot oven for about twenty minutes. Once cooked, wait about 30 minutes before serving.


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