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The zecchinetta is a gamble that you can practice at home with friends. It is played with one or more complete decks of 40 sicilian cards. Players can be variable in number and one of them has the functions of banker.

At the beginning of the game the banker indicates the sum that he intends to bet, if one of the participants will bet the entire amount, he calls "bank". In this case, other players are split out of the game. The banker gives his opponent a card and keep one for himself. Wins the one that received the highest card. In case of a tie, take a second card and wins the highest card in his hand.

If no player challenge the banker, all participants can make their bet but the total amount of the bets must be equal to that fixed by the banker. The banker runs a card (this will be his card) and places it on his left. Then turns a second card that lays on his right, this will be the card of all the other players. At this point the banker continues to turns other cards in the order in order from the deck, this continues until it is discovered a card equal in value to one of the first two discovered. For example, if the cards are a two and a four, the banker continues to turn the cards until it comes out another two or another four. If the new card turned is equal to the left card, the banker wins, if it is equal to the right card, the win the players win.

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