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St Calogero (Calcedonia, 466 – Monte Cronio, 18 giugno 561) was a hermit monaco, revered as a saint by the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church and patron of many countries in Sicily.

The cult of the black saint is strongly felt at Naro (AG), which held massive celebrations, organized by the "Friends of San Calò", ranging from June 15, day on which the statue of the saint is taken from the crypt below the church to Inside the temple, on June 25, called the octave, culminating on June 18, the day of the feast, where the Saint is placed on a large wooden sledge called "Straula" or "chariot of Miracles" and dragged (by faithful with a rope tied at both ends of the slide that is longer more than 100 meters) from the Sanctuary of St Calogero to the mother church of the city.

The entire procession is punctuated by the cries of the faithful who stumble with the "Straula" with the Saint shouting "Viva San Diu and Calo' " (Long live to God and St Calogero); it can be very easily also try people takes part to the whole procession barefoot or that, always barefoot, climb to the rugged slopes of the country

to reach the shrine. Striking is the tradition of the blessed bread which is shaped in different forms to represent the body parts of San Calogero and is brought to the shrine to be blessed, then the owner shall keep a part for them to share with friends and relatives and the rest leave to the sanctuary for distribution to the faithful. This tradition is deeply rooted and not just during the days of the feast, but also during the rest of the year you can find the faithful who take the bread for the blessing.


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Throughout the period of celebrations there is a fair in the main streets and different cultural events are organized, with theater, concerts, events manifestations of popular culture. At midnight between 17 and 18 of June,  in front of to the Sanctuary of St Calogero, takes place a wonderful show of fireworks.

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0 #1 John Marino 2013-02-16 00:00
Dear sir, my name is John Marino Grand son of your beautiful Town. I'm looking for information of my family members. Any would be greatly appreciated. These people were born in Naro, I think all were Baptized in your church.
Father Vincenzo Marino Born 7/19/1913
Aunt Rosa Marino Born 6/11/1911
Grandmother Carmela Marino Born Contrino
Born 11/24/1891
Grandfather Giovanni Marino Born abt. 1891. Fought for Italy WW1 and was lost in battle. Body was never recovered.
Hope you can help for I would love to know more on them. Sincerly in advance

John Marino

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